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Anyone can post their own Content on JDS TV to share with family, friends, or associates. You can make your material password protected - if you only want a select few to view your content. All public content will be screened and must be approved by JDS TV before it will be published (this process can take up to 1 day) (side note – this seems like a long time, but at this stage of the game we don’t have 24 hours staff. Any suggestions to ease the sound of this.) If you are already a registered approved Public user of JDSTV your material will be published instantly, with the agreed upon understanding that JDS TV can remove content should it fall outside criteria guidelines. See guidelines: Standards and Practices/Guidelines.

No explicitly violent videos, No pornographic videos, no video will be published that could be construed as criminal in nature. We support Freedom of Speech and equal rights, but is not a portal for radical videos or radical solicitations. As a privately held company, we reserve the right to refuse video on demand services.

Free Space

All approved registered users register here can post content free for at least 24 hours contact JDSTV to find out how you can get extensions on free portal time.

Paid Public portal space

You can choose a template interface design or a custom interface. Contact JDSTV to receive your free consultation. Call for pricing.

• Annual packages up to 50 mb (annual)

• Bi annual packages up to 50 mb (6 month term)

• Monthly packages up to 50 mb (monthly)

• 2 & 3 week packages up to 50 mb (flat rate)

• 1 week packages up to 50 mb (flat rate)

• 3 day packages up to 50 mb (flat rate)

• Weekend packages up to 50 mb (flat rate)

• JDSTV professional Compression

• Password protected fee

• For larger megabyte packages please contact our office.

Live Events

Stream your live event Board Meeting, Concert, Awards Celebration, and make it interactive. We can facilitate a live video streamed event or store your audio and/or video - hosting your material for up to 500 plus seats. At speed rates of 192 kbps, 256 kbps, 300kbps, & 400kbps. Storage increments come in 100mb, 200mb, 500mb, 1GB, etc


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